The British Woodworking Federation is the trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry in the UK. It has just under 500 members drawn from manufacturers, distributors and installers of timber doors, windows, conservatories, staircases, all forms of architectural joinery including shopfitting, timber frame buildings and engineered timber components, as well as suppliers to the industry.

Why we are Members

British Woodworking Federation members sign up to a rigorous set of standards of workmanship, company stewardship and environmental disciplines. As a valued member we are visited annually as part of the vetting procedure and is awarded an endorsement demonstrating they are working towards full compliance.

The Code of Conduct includes an 8 point assessment:
• Customer care and response to complaints
• Technical expertise and training
• Environmental impact and waste management
• Sustainability: members must use their best endeavours to meet best practice and source from sustainable sources We meet this with our FSC® Chain of Custody Certification
• Financial status and stability
• Full insurance cover
• Clarity of contractual dealings
• Compliance with employment, health and safety and education legislation

The BWF Code of Conduct is our clients assurance of quality of service, manufacture and sourcing. It sets out the principles of good practice for a woodworking and joinery. The Code represents the standard to which we have committed ourselves to achieve. This has allowed us to promote our work to that is aimed at:

• Exceeding the benchmark standards for the woodworking and joinery industry and help members to achieve it
• Promote and encourage highest standards and quality in the industry
• Give members confidence in their colleagues
• Ensure the BWF logo is recognised increasingly as a mark of quality, so that clients value BWF members as a reliable, quality and value for money.

The Code itself is supported by a Guide to Compliance, which sets out how these principles might be applied practically to a woodworking or joinery business so as to comply with the Code's intentions ensuring a consistent interpretation of the Code's principles.

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