In contrast to softwoods, hardwoods are slow growing, which makes them less common and more expensive.

Hardwood can be challenging to work with, but the end product turns out to be far more visually pleasing. We work with various species of hardwoods on a regular basis, and use them in exterior doors and window sills to increase the products’ lifetime and durability.


A timber of West African Origin, can be supplied as FSC® and is readily available. It’s a durable, general purpose red hardwood used predominantly in window frames.

American white oak & European oak

Originating in American and Europe, White Oak and European Oak are widely available and can be sourced as FSC® certified. Oak is used in cabinet making and general joinery, and is commonly found in our grand design or heritage staircases. It’s highly durable and can also be used in flooring and cladding.


Sourced from the US and Europe, Ash is readily available. As it’s not the most durable, this lightly-coloured hardwood is used predominantly for internal joinery. Ash can be sourced as FSC®.

Black American  walnut

Black American Walnut originates from North America and is mainly used for internal joinery to give a beautiful marble style finish. Because it grows slowly, walnut is not as readily available as other hardwoods. It can be difficult to use, but makes for an attractive end product.


Iroko is of West African origin and can be used for various internal joinery projects. Due to its high durability, it’s also recommended for external joinery. It’s not as widely available as other hardwoods and is hard to supply as FSC® certified.