Benefits of Wood

Wood is one of the most abundant, renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable materials available – being carbon negative, it absorbs CO2 as it grows. It has a natural beauty and tangible quality that you can’t find in any man-made material. Another great benefit of wood is it can be a great insulator, with good thermal and sound insulation qualities for windows and doors. As long as we responsibly source timbers from certified and well-managed forests using a chain of custody system, we can ensure our timber continues to be sustainable.

natural beauty

Batty Joinery has recently become a certified supplier of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) wood products. The scope of our work that comes under the FSC® certified products is ‘the Manufacture and supply of bespoke, assembled timber joinery products, including outsourcing of windows, doors, stairs, furniture products and other joinery products ordered by our customers.’ Find our certification on or call our offices to find out more about our FSC® Chain of Custody products.

Wood and wood-based materials have a number of advantages when used in the renovation of period buildings. Apart from its aesthetic value, wood can be tailored to match each individual client. Its thermal insulation and humidity control properties make it comfortable to live with. Because of its relatively low cost and long durability, timber is highly cost-effective in both the long and short term.


The use of products manufactured using sustainable timber will:

  • Ensure that you are not damaging the world’s forests and that this truly renewable resource will continue
  • Reduce the damaging chemicals that are released into the atmosphere due to production and disposal of other window frame materials.
  • Enable you to service an increasing demand and differentiate you from those who do not.
  • Demonstrate environmental, social and economic responsibility on your part, not least through a willingness to work with all the stakeholders in timber production, distribution and manufacture.
  • Help fulfil corporate social responsibility policies.
  • Provide added value to the overall project.

It is important, when specifying timber windows, that you request timber that can be proven to have come from a sustainably-managed forest, preferably by means of certification such as FSC® and PEFC. An ability to prove the chain of custody back to the source forest using independently-verified certificates or documentation may become a necessity as market demands increase.

Download our BWf Guide to see a fact sheet on Timber variability vs performance