The EUTR is in force across the UK as of 3rd March 2013.

The European Union Timber Regulation prohibits “The placing on the market of illegally harvested timber or timber products derived from such timber”. The regulation covers a broad range of timber products including the custom products that are manufactured here at the Batty Joinery workshop. The obligations that those who buy and sell timber and timber products on the EU market will be required to have controls in place in order to comply with the regulation.

Visit the Central Point of Expertise for Timber procurement, to find out what timber products are covered by the EUTR.

The implementation of the regulation will be enforced by national level competentauthorities, such as the National Measurement Office (NMO) in the UK, that will undertake checks and ensure the enforcement of the regulation, with penalties for



How Can We Help?

We can guarantee to all our current clients and new clients to that coming to Batty Joinery for all your manufactured joinery requirements, you will satisfy the new timber regulations.

As the timber products we trade in are within the EU, our obligations for the EUTR concern the traceability of the timber and are as follows:

  1. To identify the operators or the traders who have supplied the timber and timber products.
  2. To identify, where applicable, the traders to whom you have supplied timber and timber products.
  3. To keep this information for at least five years and provide it to competent authorities if they so request.

However, the EUTR compliance only demonstrates legality and does not prove that timber is sustainable and responsibly sourced. So further to the requirements, Batty Joinery have an FSC® accredited Chain of Custody certification. This is an indicator that we carry out procedures for traceability and due diligence for FSC® certified timber we have in our possession.