CE Marking

The CE mark is a guarantee for the consumer that the product in question complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European harmonised standard (hEN), and can therefore be legally placed on the market.  Other information regarding the products traceability, the system used to prove conformity, technical specifications and identification of any third party involved in this process is also included.

CE marking has been mandatory on many products such as toys and electronics, but more recently these harmonised standards have been set for construction materials under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR). The CPR imposes many legal obligations on construction products amongst which is the traceability of the product back to the Manufacturer. On 1st July 2013 the CPR made it compulsory for all glazed windows, external doorsets and patio doorsets to be CE marked.

Our Products CE Marked

We are proud to declare all Batty Joinery Windows and External Doorsets carry the CE mark within the CPR requirements. What does this mean for our customers? All our CE marked products have their product data supplied in a approved 'Declaration of Performance' (DoP) format, allowing for clear and easy comparisons to be made between similar products and ensuring the consumer can make an informed decision based on accurate performance data.

The DoP provides key information relating to the Window or Door’s performance that is calculated and verified through an EU notified body. Each product that falls within these standards also carry a label - either on the product itself or on its packaging - containing the CE mark logo and a number that identifies to its corresponding DoP. See out CE declarations of Perfornace on our Windows Page.