Custom Windows

All of our windows are made to order, which gives our client great flexibility and choice of components. Each window built is crafted by our highly skilled joiners and are guaranteed quality. We advise a factory finished window to ensure the best protection using tested coating systems and glazing for best thermal efficiencies. However we will supply a window however our clients ask.

Our Experienced office team and joiners are able to offer there service to develop any custom design a client has. We are experienced in manufacturing circular windows and other geometrical windows that require bespoke glazing. We can offer a timber window that can utilise various glazing types that will fit any property. Having worked on numerous Heritage Projects and listed building refurbishments we can show proficient experience for customising windows like for like, while enhancing the thermal efficiencies.

Specialist experience

Our experience and skill goes further than creating one off custom windows. We have crafted full length hardwood timber windows that incorporated Curve on Curve joinery. This complex joinery required detail geometric calculations and superb skill from our joiners. The development and rigorous testing and careful manufacture of a softwood prototype guaranteed the curve on curve would be suitable and achievable. The Curve on Curve Window required bespoke double glazed panels made specially for the unit where there is no room for errors.

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