Traditional Sliding Sash

All our traditional Sliding Sash windows are manufactured to order, offering our customers a full range of options either for replacement of original period and heritage design or for new builds. Our sashes meet British Standards for strength and weather resistance and have calculated U-values to match building Regulations.

Our weight assisted sashes are the original lead weight and pulley windows that are found on many Heritage properties across the UK. Our stunning windows follow the original design to every detail including the original bars, curves, horns and dimensions hand made by our skilled and experienced joiners.

We can carefully match heritage style originals and incorporate the benefits of a modern window to meet planning regulations in conservation areas, including double-glazing - using a slimlite technology.

Sprung assisted Sliding Sash

Without compromising on the detailed re-creation of an existing sash window, the spring balance opening mechanism offers a great value alternative to lead weight and pulley sashes. There is a substantial saving to be made with little visible difference to the sashes. This system is a modern take on the original where there is a saving to be made.

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