U Value

The U-value or “overall heat transfer coefficient” shows how well a building product conducts heat. In other words, the U-value represents the rate of heat transfer through a building element, such as a wall, floor or window, over a given area and under agreed standard conditions.

The lower the U-value is, the slower the rate of heat flowing through the object and therefore the better insulating quality the product has. All Batty Joinery’s Timber Windows are hand finished and to achieve a low U-Value rating our windows are factory finished.

Installing Timber windows from Batty Joinery will improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce your energy costs. Call our Team today who will calculate your potential cost savings after installing our windows or Replacing your existing window with our timber windows.


Timber windows and doors offer the best energy and sustainability ratings. Increasingly the use of wood for building components is becoming favourable because of the sustainability of timber. In addition to this we believe the use of this carbon negative material will ensure our client green credentials are upheld. We can also boast the little to no use of carbon emission in our manufacturing processes- compared with industry competitors.

With a bit of TLC and Maintenance followed as per our guidelines All timber windows can potentially last a lifetime. A regular maintenance and checks can ensure our timber windows can look as good as the day they we installed compared to other materials that can fade over time.

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